Our Competition Laughed When The


Asked About an Service Guarantee. . .

Then They Read Ours!

TermiGuard’s Mole Guard Eliminates Service Fears, Offers

an Un-Heard –Of NO HASSLE-Money Back Guarantee

Our parents taught us, a product or service is only as good as the guarantee that stands behind it.South Jersey Pest Control 100% Money Back Guarantee

And let’s be honest isn’t that the truth? All too often inferior products or methods and systems fail without any consequence and the service delivery is poor.

A guarantee should represent the passionate belief in your product. And think about it . . . if a guarantee needs to be interpreted by a lawyer. . . .how strong is the guarantee?

A guarantee should be simple yet strong, clear concise and easy to understand. It should set the expectations of what’s required by you, the consumer, without unreasonable limitations.

Our Pledge:

If Mole Guard ( A division of TermiGuard Pest Services) fails to provide the service your satisfaction and reasonable control of the ground moles and ground voles invading your property than we will refund 100% of your money, No questions asked.

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