Mole Prevention

Moles can be a major pest problem for the home and lawn. Mole prevention is vital to the health of your yard.

What can you do to deter moles from inhabiting your back yard?

Moles have a harder time maneuvering in a dense, thick lawn.  Higher grass causes the same problem for the moles.

You may consider placing […]

Voles in the Garden

Voles are voracious little rodents, who constantly eat throughout the year. Measuring about four to eight inches long, voles are sometimes mistaken for moles since they often travel through burrows initially dug up by moles.

Voles are difficult to eradicate since they bear a new litter several times a year.

Your bright green lawn is very inviting […]

How Do You Trap Moles?

Moles can create havoc in your backyard.  How do you trap moles is a question you may find yourself asking very shortly as the snows melt and spring arrives.  The question of how to determine the type of pest you have and how to get rid of them differs depending on many variables. […]