Ground Mole Control Moorestown, NJ

Ground Mole Control Moorestown, NJ will make free your home from moles that have caused varied harm to your belongings, while providing you with a pledge. Moorestown is a well heeled biotic community only ten miles east of Philadelphia, PA. Moorestown was placed the figure in article of Money magazine i.e. “Best Places to Live […]

Ground Mole Control Marlton, NJ

Ground Mole Control Marlton, NJ is going to be a most important threat for humanity in the coming up future. Whether it is ants or beetles in the kitchen or weeds in the vegetable garden, pests are annoying. At the same time, many of us are not interested in pest control and the problems caused […]

Get Rid Of Your Outdoor Pests With Mole Guard

You work hard to achieve a beautiful lawn, often spending hours of valuable free time weeding and mowing. The last thing you want to see are large piles of dirt and open holes left by moles who have burrowed into your yard in search of food. And they are sneaky – they do their dirty […]

Mole Damage: Unlike Any Other

Is your yard shredded by some sort of pernicious pest you just cannot identify?

Why would you need to know the intruder’s identity?

Mole Guard specializes in identification of the vermin responsible for your damages. It is important to know which critter is causing the damage because each animal has a specific set of behaviors and different […]

Mole Prevention

Moles can be a major pest problem for the home and lawn. Mole prevention is vital to the health of your yard.

What can you do to deter moles from inhabiting your back yard?

Moles have a harder time maneuvering in a dense, thick lawn.  Higher grass causes the same problem for the moles.

You may consider placing […]

Yard Damage Caused By Moles Is Expensive And Time Consuming

Is your yard damage caused by moles? It isn’t always easy to tell.  There are many pests that can damage the dirt, grass and plants in your yard.  Often the mole is the scapegoat for other pests such as mice or voles. Moles can be destructive, however, and the yard damage caused by […]

The Trouble with Lawn Moles

At first glance one might even think lawn moles are cute little creatures. They are small and furry and probably soft, although it isn’t advisable to try to touch one, because they not only bite, they can carry diseases​. They do play an important role in the ecological balance of a […]

Lawn Care For Mole Control – Stop Those ‘Moley Holey’s’ From Ruining Your Lawn

Holy Moley! You’ve got moley holeys and nothing ruins a green expanse of lawn than those unsightly lumps of soil that are evidence of the nightly excursions of tunneling moles across your lawn. As soon as you spy those telltale divots, you need to engage in some lawn care for mole […]

Using Mole ​ Bait To Get Rid Of That Pesky Mole

Mole bait can be used in a couple of ways to free your yard of that critter who is marking his trail by killing your grass. Moles are harmless animals; however they can make a mess of your yard when the burrow shallow tunnels seeking food. Moles can eat up to […]

What is an Earth Mole Doing in My Yard?

“What is an earth mole?” one might ask.   Entire colonies of them can live in someone’s yard without ever begin spotted above ground.   They are sneaky little creatures that love to burrow under lawns, eat the roots of tender plants, cause sinkholes and wreak havoc.
Earth moles are small furry mammals that belong to […]