Ground Mole Control Mays Landing, NJ

You don’t need to look any further than Mole Guard in Mays Landing for Ground Mole Control Mays Landing, NJ services if you are desperate to control mole in your lawns. The little, passive rural community of Mays Landing NJ is an enormous place to reside. When moles cannot find their main food supply of […]

Ground Mole Control Voorhees, NJ

Ground moles are velvet-textured blue-black furred small animals with thin muzzle, pan caked feet and chelae and pine needle like teeth. Their distinctive diet is collection of grubs, beetles, millipedes, pismires etc. They occupy themselves daylong excavating new burrows in hunt for solid foodstuff. Ground Moles are enough to make your morning a catastrophe particularly […]

Will Cats Eat Ground Moles?

If you have considered using cats as a way to get rid of your mole problem, you probably are wondering will cats eat ground moles. Some cats do eat ground moles and some won’t. Cats are finicky animals and each has their own personality, which is one reason why you don’t know if cats will […]

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Yard Damage Caused By Moles Is Expensive And Time Consuming

Is your yard damage caused by moles? It isn’t always easy to tell.  There are many pests that can damage the dirt, grass and plants in your yard.  Often the mole is the scapegoat for other pests such as mice or voles. Moles can be destructive, however, and the yard damage caused by […]

Humane Mole Control Services

Use humane mole control services to trap the super mole that is creating a maze of tunnels in your back yard. No one wants to harm any animal unnecessarily; however no one wants to deal with the consequences of unwanted pesky animals. Using safe trapping methods, such as a Pit Trap, can eliminate […]

Mole Poison – Effective Mole Problem Remedies

They might be small ​and furry, but there is no way that a mole can ever be described as anything other than a pest. The damage they cause is phenomenal and if all else fails then you need to hire a pest control expert to administer mole poison. It might be […]

Using Mole ​ Bait To Get Rid Of That Pesky Mole

Mole bait can be used in a couple of ways to free your yard of that critter who is marking his trail by killing your grass. Moles are harmless animals; however they can make a mess of your yard when the burrow shallow tunnels seeking food. Moles can eat up to […]

The Problem of Getting Rid of Ground Moles

The problem of getting rid of ground moles has been around as long as the concept of cultivated gardens.  In fact, getting rid of ground moles and gardens seem to go hand-in-hand, with pristine lawns and golf courses joining in the mix.  While at some levels, ground moles perform a valuable job in […]

Ground Mole Traps For Effective Mole Control

Ground mole traps are really the only effective way of getting rid of ground moles. If you’ve tried all the home remedies, if you’ve sprayed castor oil across your yard like its water and woken up morning after morning only to see new hillocks of soil everywhere, you know these nocturnal travelers can cause a massive amount […]

How Do You Get Rid Of Ground Moles?

People like the sight of manicured lawns.  It looks well-groomed, attractive and polished.  A well-manicured lawn reflects cleanliness on their owners especially on the upkeep of their own homes.  In fact, people spend a lot of effort, not to mention a lot of money, to make their lawns as beautiful as possible.  New Jersey, […]