Getting Rid Of Ground Moles

Ground moles can be a real problem for a homeowner. Few things can ruin the appearance of a beautiful lawn faster than moles. These rodents burrow extensive tunnels underneath your grass. The moles’ tunneling activity causes raised mole hills to appear on your lawn. These mole hills kill grass and give your yard a bumpy, […]

Mole Removal In Your Area: The Experts At Mole Guard

Moles are small mammals that live in underground burrows, often found in unwelcome locations such as residential areas and lawns.

The most commonly known type of destruction caused by moles is the formation of unsightly mounds of soil pushed up from beneath the grass. A well-manicured lawn can be destroyed overnight if the tunnels and mounds […]

Effective Mole/Vole Control

Moles and voles are classified as pests because of the damage they can do to lawns, landscaping and trees. Both creatures do most of their work underground leaving evidence that they have burrowed underneath, destroying root structures and leaving potentially dangerous holes.

Moles and voles have very different habits.  It is difficult for a homeowner to […]

Get Rid Of Your Outdoor Pests With Mole Guard

You work hard to achieve a beautiful lawn, often spending hours of valuable free time weeding and mowing. The last thing you want to see are large piles of dirt and open holes left by moles who have burrowed into your yard in search of food. And they are sneaky – they do their dirty […]

Mole Damage: Unlike Any Other

Is your yard shredded by some sort of pernicious pest you just cannot identify?

Why would you need to know the intruder’s identity?

Mole Guard specializes in identification of the vermin responsible for your damages. It is important to know which critter is causing the damage because each animal has a specific set of behaviors and different […]

Mole Prevention

Moles can be a major pest problem for the home and lawn. Mole prevention is vital to the health of your yard.

What can you do to deter moles from inhabiting your back yard?

Moles have a harder time maneuvering in a dense, thick lawn.  Higher grass causes the same problem for the moles.

You may consider placing […]

Moles or Voles Leaving Holes? We Have a Solution!

We are Mole Guard, a south Jersey Mole removal company. We are here to help you. Our company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are just a phone call away. Contact us to find out how we can be of service to you. You have nothing to lose – except holes.

How can you tell if […]

Moles and Voles: Garden-Variety Saboteurs

Do you have garden woes because your beautiful backyard is being botched by burrowing little-bitty critters? Do you need mole or vole control?

Mole Guard is a proud ground mole and vole control company specializing in the timely removal of pesky garden critters. Serving all of south Jersey, Mole Guard is able to respond on  short […]

Getting Rid Of Moles or Voles: A Professional Task

Have you tried getting rid of moles or voles yourself and been defeated by the pesky critters? Mole and vole elimination is not as easy as one may think. There are many different traps and techniques that you can try when attempting to get rid of moles or voles yourself. However if you’re a greenhorn, […]

Controlling Springtime Ground Moles

There are many living creatures that burrow their way around the lawn during this time of year, from worms to rodents.  However,  the most noticeable  are the furry springtime ground moles.  As homeowners make their way around their yards to inspect after the long winter, they are frequently taken aback by the massive tunnel network […]