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Controlling Springtime Ground Moles

There are many living creatures that burrow their way around the lawn during this time of year, from worms to rodents.  However,  the most noticeable  are the furry springtime ground moles.  As homeowners make their way around their yards to inspect after the long winter, they are frequently taken aback by the massive tunnel network […]

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Will Cats Eat Ground Moles?

If you have considered using cats as a way to get rid of your mole problem, you probably are wondering will cats eat ground moles. Some cats do eat ground moles and some won’t. Cats are finicky animals and each has their own personality, which is one reason why you don’t know if cats will […]

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How Do I Get Rid Of Ground Moles Without Chemicals – Chemical Free Solutions For Your Garden And Lawn

Home owners often ask how do I get rid of ground moles without chemicals. Moles can be a huge problem for lawns and gardens; they can drive you crazy with their constant tunneling and the unsightly hillocks that they leave behind. How do I get rid of ground moles without chemicals has become a common […]

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What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of My Ground Moles?

A question that is commonly asked at garden supply centers each spring is, “What is the best way to get rid of my ground moles?” Ground moles are tiny, fur-covered  mammals that have bodies shaped like cylinders.  They create hazardous tunnels that can completely destroy a lawn’s root system, eventually killing it.  They can also […]

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Yard Damage Caused By Moles Is Expensive And Time Consuming

Is your yard damage caused by moles? It isn’t always easy to tell.  There are many pests that can damage the dirt, grass and plants in your yard.  Often the mole is the scapegoat for other pests such as mice or voles. Moles can be destructive, however, and the yard damage caused by […]

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The Trouble with Lawn Moles

At first glance one might even think lawn moles are cute little creatures. They are small and furry and probably soft, although it isn’t advisable to try to touch one, because they not only bite, they can carry diseases​. They do play an important role in the ecological balance of a […]

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Lawn Care For Mole Control – Stop Those ‘Moley Holey’s’ From Ruining Your Lawn

Holy Moley! You’ve got moley holeys and nothing ruins a green expanse of lawn than those unsightly lumps of soil that are evidence of the nightly excursions of tunneling moles across your lawn. As soon as you spy those telltale divots, you need to engage in some lawn care for mole […]

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How Do You Trap Moles?

Moles can create havoc in your backyard.  How do you trap moles is a question you may find yourself asking very shortly as the snows melt and spring arrives.  The question of how to determine the type of pest you have and how to get rid of them differs depending on many variables. […]

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Humane Mole Control Services

Use humane mole control services to trap the super mole that is creating a maze of tunnels in your back yard. No one wants to harm any animal unnecessarily; however no one wants to deal with the consequences of unwanted pesky animals. Using safe trapping methods, such as a Pit Trap, can eliminate […]

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Mole Poison – Effective Mole Problem Remedies

They might be small ​and furry, but there is no way that a mole can ever be described as anything other than a pest. The damage they cause is phenomenal and if all else fails then you need to hire a pest control expert to administer mole poison. It might be […]

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