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Mole Guard, a division of TermiGuard Pest Services, is a South Jersey And Philadelphia area ground mole and vole control company.south-jersey-ground-mole-control-philadelphia-ground-mole-control

We specialize in completely eliminating ground moles and voles from your lawn and back it up with our 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE.

There are three ways to use this site:

1.  Schedule Service: To schedule ground mole control services in the South Jersey or Philadelphia area call 856-753-1401. For Jersey shore ground mole control services call 609-601-9400.  You can also schedule service by filling out the information in our secure website contact form on the right side of this website.

2. Get Informed: Learn about South Jersey and Philadelphia ground mole control through our ground mole control tips and Ground Mole FAQ’s section of this website. You can also learn the difference between ground moles and ground voles.

3.  Discover How We’re Different:  You can check out our one of a kind 100% Service Satisfaction GUARANTEE and hear what our Mole Guard customers have to say about us.

If you live in the South Jersey or Philadelphia area and you’ve had it up to here with ground moles and voles destroying your lawn, then this will be the most exciting message you will EVER read!

NJ Ground Mole Damage

Mole Guard Can Eliminate Your NJ And Philadelphia Ground Mole Problems Fast! Call (856)-753-1401

We know you work hard to maintain your  beautiful lawn but unfortunately… moles love it.

In fact, the same things that you do to help to make your yard look its best provide moles and voles with an inviting multi-course buffet.

What’s on the buffet line?

Only the finest New Jersey and Philadelphia area Mole and Vole food available: earthworms, grubs and various delectable insects.

It’s the eastern mole that causes so much frustration for New Jersey and Philadelphia home owners.

This 8-9 inch long creature rarely sees the light of day, can eat it’s body weight in earthworms on a daily basis, and can wreak havoc on your yard overnight.

Not only are mole holes and tunnels unsightly on lawns, they can cause trip and fall accidents and can be disruptive to the root systems of lawns and garden plants.

Our NJ ground Moles and Philadelphia ground moles spend most of their time underground in their subterranean fortresses and are active throughout the year.

Gardening and lawn-care enthusiasts are made acutely aware of the need for mole control mainly during the spring and fall, especially after periods of rain, when moles push mounds of dirt up to the ground surface.

The ground mole’s preferred diet is a carnivorous one: earthworms, grubs and adult insects. NJ Ground Mole Control Philadelphia Ground Mole Control

Neither the eastern mole nor the star-nosed mole is a rodent, and therefore any gnawing damage you detect on plants is unlikely to have been caused by moles.

Voles do, however, make use of mole tunnels to attack plants underground – making moles accessories to the crime!

Mole Guard is a south Jersey ground mole control company.

We also handle Philadelphia ground mole control as well.

Please call our office at 856-753-1401 for immediate NJ ground mole and Philadelphia Ground Mole Control.

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609.601.9400 Jersey Shore
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